Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT Spray 100ml 3.4oz


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Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT Spray 100ml 3.4oz

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Hypnotic poison was launched by Christian Dior in 1998 as a lighter and less in your face version of the original Poison perfume. This particular perfume has always been a firm favorite among men due to its sultry and seductive nature. Hypnotic Poison opens with a lovely bitter sweet accord that softens and morphs into a tempting creaminess. The perfume contains Jasmine, sambac, bitter almond, caraway, moss, acaranda wood, and vanilla musk. Bitter almond and jasmine make up that exceptional opening accord and the are folded into a sumptuous creaminess that will leave you wanting more. The base is predominantly gourmand with a nice rich musk and a whiff of animalic sensuality that lends this fragrance is peculiar and sexy feel. A real winner.

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