Casio Wrist Watch AW590 1ADR


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Spoil yourself with the ultimate all-round watch with the impressive Casio Wrist Watch AW590 1ADR from the ingenious designers at Casio.

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A rugged timepiece for the active, outgoing man, the Casio Wrist Watch AW590 1ADR will reveal the adventurer within. Constructed of ultra-tough materials, this watch is packed full of fantastic features including water resistance to 200 meters, shock resistance, auto repeat functions, world time, multiple alarms, stop watch, countdowns and auto LED light with afterglow.
The case size is an impressive 52 by 46.4 by 14.9 mm and weighs a reasonable 57.3g, so this watch will announce its presence without compromising comfort. A fantastic watch for the contemporary age, the Casio Wrist Watch AW590 1ADRis a must-have item to for your next big adventure.

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