Armani Code For Men Duo 2X30ml Edt Spray 1Set


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The Armani Code For Men Duo Spray is a spicy and masculine fragrance which enhances the male aroma with the hints of sweet, spicy, and naughty.

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The Armani Code For Men Duo 2X3 Spray pleases and entices the woman around you, and leaves a lasting impression when you leave. Its aroma is a rich and naughty combination of a heavy masculine note, along with the vividness of citrous at its very top. This smell is then overpowered by a woody combination of star anise and guaiac wood along with a tangy olive blossom touch.
The Armani Code For Men Duo 2X3Spray?s base is a classic masculine combination of tonka beans, leather and tobacco to bring about that manly aroma.

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